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On this page you can find a guide to each of the documents that are regularly signed electronically with us.

Our electronic signing is handled via DocHub, and allows you to securely complete and return forms anywhere with an internet connection!

In general, any required fields have to be completed in order to finalise the document, and you can only fill out fields that are assigned to your email address.

Tenancy Agreement

When signing a tenancy agreement, there are some important fields that need to be completed before the contract can be finalised! Please find a step-by-step guide to signing the tenancy agreement below:

  1. You will receive an email from DocHub that contains a sign request. You can click the 'View Document' button contained within the email to get started!
    1. The sign request email
  2. After clicking the link, DocHub will load the document and you will be told how many required and optional fields there are to be completed.
  3. The first field to complete is your permanent address on the front page of the Tenancy Agreement. This should be an address of a family member or your forwarding address for after your tenancy ends, if possible.
    3. An example of a field, and the helpful guide tag on the side of the page
  4. Please then read through the entire document, until you reach the end of the main section of the tenancy agreement where all tenants will need to sign!
    4. The signature fields at the bottom of the tenancy agreement
    Upon clicking the signature field, you will be asked to create a new signature if you have not already made one. Simply click on 'Create New Signature' then use one of the provided methods to input your signature (either Phone, Draw, Upload Image or Type).
  5. The next section is the prescribed information section. The lead tenant will only need to fill out their permanent/forwarding address in field A9, and additional tenants will need to fill out a the same field on the Continuation Sheets.
  6. The final field to complete is the confirmation signature after the prescribed information pages, where it states 'Signed by the tenant(s)'
  7. After all fields have been completed, you can then finalise the document by clicking the button at the top right of the document and confirming that you're happy to finalise it (please note that you are unable to edit the document after you have finalised it, so please make sure you've double checked everything first!)
    7. The finalise button

After the document has been completed by all parties, you will receive another email confirming that it has been signed by everyone, and it will include an attached PDF version of the completed document for your records.

Utility Liability

For the utility liability form, there are only 2 fields that need to be completed:

  1. Your full name, under the appropriate tenant number
  2. Your signature, next to your name
An example of the fields that need to be completed on a Utility Liability form