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Rental Payments

Whether you pay rent on a Monthly or Quarterly basis, the rent is paid by Standing Order direct from your bank account to ours. This is to ensure that rent is always paid on time and in full, which minimises any chance of mistakes with payments.

Standing Orders

Please see our comprehensive guide on setting up standing orders for each bank here. You will have received advice about what information to use to create the standing order as part of your contract signing.

  • >> A Standing Order authorisation is NOT a Direct Debit mandate! <<

A Direct Debit would involve you giving us your bank details and permission to take money from your account on our own authority (we would be able to decide how much and on what dates we took the money from you) - this is not what we do!! Standing orders are very different!

A Standing Order is a signed order from you to your own bank requesting that your own bank sends us specified amounts of money on specified dates under your own authority alone. We cannot set up, maintain or cancel this Standing Order!

Once a Standing Order has been created, it will be your responsibility to maintain the standing order and cancel it where appropriate, although we will remind you to cancel it towards the end of your tenancy.

  • As stated in the Tenancy Agreement, you must pay rent regularly on the dates agreed by Standing Order, and failure to do this, or if you do not carry out your responsibility to check that your bank has set up your Standing Order correctly and you underpay or overpay your rent, you will be in breach of your contract and you may be liable for charges.
  • Please be aware that even if you schedule a standing order for the 1st of a month, depending on which day that falls on it may not show as leaving your account until a day or two later! This might happen if, for example, the 1st of a month is a bank holiday. Don't worry if this happens, as your bank will pay the amount as soon as possible after a holiday!

The bank details that you should use to set up a standing order can be found below!

Payment Methods

There are a number of payment methods available for the occasion when you need to pay a deposit or make a payment.

Payments can be made via the following methods.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are the ideal option when paying us any money for rent or deposits; they are quick, easy and have no associated fees involved on our end.

  • For all bank transfers, please include what flat it is associated with, e.g. 'Flat 10, 433 Wilmslow Road' could have a payment reference of 'F10WR433' or something along those lines. This just helps us find your payments and link them to your account!

Our UK bank account details are:

Account Name: Sam Properties (Withington) Ltd
Bank: Santander
Account Number: 42604599
Sort Code: 09-06-66

For international bank transfers, we have a separate account for this but please be aware that your bank will likely charge you an overseas transaction fee, so please remember to either arrange this with them beforehand or factor it into the payment amount to avoid any potential shortfall in the balance when the money reaches us.

The account details for international bank transfers are:

Account Name: Sam Properties (Withington) Ltd
Bank: Abbey (Santander)
Bank Address: Business Banking Centre, 301 Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5NT, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB79 ABBY 0906 6642 6045 99

Debit & Credit Cards

We accept debit and credit card payments via Chip and PIN at our office, or over the phone via 0161 610 8383 (we will be required to ask some security questions, such as the address your card is registered to).

Please note that because of the recent change in legislation, no card charges can or will be applied to transactions. We can only take the initial Holding Deposit payments via debit/credit card, with any payments for rent/deposit being made by the above Bank Transfer methods.


We accept cash payments at our office, although we recommend that if you need to make large payments to us you choose a different payment method to avoid having to carry large amounts of cash on your person.