Terminating a Tenancy Early

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Whilst normally it is rare to have to terminate a tenancy early, we understand that sometimes situations and circumstances can cause your stay with us to need to be cut short of the intended end date.

If you need to end your tenancy early, this is called an early termination, and requires an addendum to your tenancy agreement to end the fixed term tenancy at a mutual date.

The process of terminating a tenancy early is outlined below, but please note that it is liable to change depending on an individual case basis!

  1. You, the tenants, decide that you wish to end your tenancy early and move out
  2. Depending on whether it's all tenants moving out or just part of the flat, replacement tenants will be needed to take on your liability of being a tenant and paying the rent
  3. To terminate a tenancy contract early, we would require a £250 early termination fee (per tenancy) and all tenants would need to visit our office to sign an early termination addendum clause
  4. We can help re-market the property and try and find new tenants to take over, or you can refer us any potential replacement tenants if you've found some! (Please note that any tenants taking over will be subject to the same referencing and guarantor procedures that you undertook at the start of your tenancy!)
  5. Once replacement tenants have been found and everyone is ready to switch the tenancies over, the new tenants will need to attend our office to complete and sign their new tenancy contract!

Please note that until the new tenancy has started, the current tenants will still be liable for all rent amounts, bills and any applicable council taxes up until their tenancy end date (which will be confirmed once the new tenants have confirmed their start date).